My Story

A Mothers Personal Story

Dear Family,

I want to introduce myself as the Mom of 3 daughters. I am very Blessed to have in my life Jade, Mia and now Emma. Emma was born in a male’s body and will have to transition to female. This condition is called Gender Dysphoria. This will be a long journey for her. It’ll include pills like hormone blockers, estrogen injections and most likely multiple surgeries. I fully support her.

I know you do too.

During the time of Emma’s transition, feel free to tell her that she looks pretty, beautiful and that if you didn’t know any better, you’d think her body was born a girl. What matters most to people of the transgender community is the respect and love for whom they are today.

Keep in mind this is not a choice. Emma didn’t ask to be born this way, nor does she “feel” female, she simply “is”. No one wants this kind of life. Emma tried very long and hard to fight this. I’m extremely proud that she had the bravado to tell me and now us, who she really is.

She will always fight to be accepted within our society. But, I know she will always be accepted by us.

All my love,
Laurie, Mom to Emma